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Automotive & Marine Putty

It reduces the amount of resin required, reducing manufacturing costs. These hollow spheres are non-absorbent, permitting higher filler content. It cures and is ready for sanding as soon as conventional putty,  but with this hollow micro spheres, the putty stays workable longer...even overnight.
Hollow micro spheres are easier for sandpaper to cut through, sanding operations go faster, with much less clogging of the sandpaper. In fact, sandpaper consumption can be cut by as much as 80% when putties formulated with them are used for major cost savings.
Lightweight PVC Plastisols have become the material of choice for automotive underbody coatings.
Hollow Inorganic micro spheres   

Performance Benefits

A low-density, performance-enhancing additive.

Fewer defects: excellent mold flow, uniform dispersion

Reduced compound density and viscosity

Increased acoustic and thermal insulation

Reduced cost and better handling in flexible compounds

More uniform, closed-cell structure in syntactic compounds

Cost reduction from sandpaper and labor savings for putties.


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