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Agricultural Products 

This grade of Glass Spheres are used for grinding, dispersing, and deagglomerating a variety of agricultural products, because they are chemically-inert and will not introduce ferrous or other metal residues into the food products. And, since they are non-absorbent and impervious to water, they will not introduce or hold moisture that could cause mildewing or mold during processing.  Available in a selection of controlled sizes, A-Series Technical Quality Glass Spheres can be used for grinding and deagglomerating a variety of substances, from hard to soft. Because the A-Series Technical Quality Glass Spheres are solid glass, they offer superior toughness and crush-strength, and withstand multiple impacts in recycling systems. The solid-glass particles lend themselves to efficient and effective cleaning between runs.


Recommended Products   

Solid Glass Spheres  


Performance Benefits

For industrial grinding, dispersing and deagglomerating.

Economical, multi-use media for grinding other particulate materials

Effectively deagglomerates, for improved particle dispersion within resin, solvent or other suspensions

Chemically-inert media ideal for delaminating minerals from lode-bearing rock

No ferrous or other residues to contaminate plate-metal surfaces








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