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Road Marking Glass Beads

1, For normal usage for Roadway and airport safety markings beads, 1.5 index Glass Beads /1.6 index Glass Beads to the standards:

AASHTO M247 Type 1, 2,3,4,5 Coated /non-coated Grades

BS 6088 Class A/ Class B Coated/non-coated

EN 1423 Drop on Glass Beads / EN 1424 Intermix Glass Beads


TT-B-1325 D Type 1 Grade A/B, Type 4

TT-B-1325D Type 3 1.93 Index Airport runway beads– provides both drivers and pilots a brighter view of the pavement ahead.

2, For the highest level of nighttime roadway safety in rain, fog, or melting snow, you can rely on:

1.6 index glass beads

1.93 index Glass Beads

2.2 index glass beads

All weather beads (Wet Night Beads)

TT-B-1325D Type 3 1.93 Index Airport runway beads

3, High Friction & Decoration Solution

Color Glass Beads / Color Glass Grit, Anti-skid aggregate and glass beads, Ceramic Granular

Visibility by day as well as during the night in various weather conditions, anti-skid performance, wear resistance and durability are essential characteristics of good road markings.Landscapus produces glass beads for all kinds of road marking products such as solvent based- and waterborne paints, Thermoplastics and 2 component systems.

Thermoplastic Paint

Spray, Extrusion, Preformed


Solvent Based Paints ECO (SBP ECO)

Water Born Paints (WBP)

Solvent Based Paints Aromatic Solvent (SBP)


2 Components

Spray, Extrusion, Preformed

Proper application, quality materials, proper material usage, calibrated equipment, proper sphere distribution and embedding are all crucial items for effective pavement markings and their performance.

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Road Marking Glass Beads:

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Traffic paint and Machines:

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