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Engineering Glass Beads

Industrial Glass Beads

1, Glass Beads and Glass Grits for Blasting, Peening, Finishing and Deburring.

2, Color Irregular Glass Beads For Decoration and Fire glass

3, Water Treatment Glass Beads

4, Project Screen Glass Beads: 20-200microns

5, Grinding Glass Beads

6, Glass Beads For Plastic (Filler)

7, Coating

8, Hollow Glass Beads For Paint, Drilling, Thermal Insulation

9, Teeth Industry

10, Toy Sands

11, Hourglass

12,Other Industrial Application

1, Glass beads are widely used in the surface finishing of various ferrous and non-ferrous materials. Glass bead blasting and peening prevent corrosion and enhances product performance while introducing compressive residual stresses at the surface...

Blasting Glass Beads

Applications Cases

Cleaning of debris from vats, tubes, trays, utensils, tanks, etc.

General cleaning of Machinery, dies, plates, molds

Removal of coatings and debris from surfaces

Maintenance cleaning in engine rebuilding (e.g. pistons, blocks)

Cleaning of large turbines and engine castings as well as small intricate parts.

Exterior cleaning of aggregates

Clean electrical brushes, connectors and terminals to improve conductivity

Peening Glass Beads

Applications Cases:

Peening to reduce stress corrosion cracking of critical areas

Peening of structural member, gears, shafts, blades, cutting tools, pipes, joints and delicate parts for increased resistance to fatigue and stress corrosion cracking.

Peening of propellers and hulls for increased resistance to fatigue

Peening of jet engine components blades,vanes, valves, spindles,shafts.

Finishing Glass Beads

Applications Cases:

Broad range of interior decorative finishes

Blending surface defects

Etching of printing plates, dies, molds

Removing defects form molded parts

Imparting smooth, clean surfaces onto molds

Deburring Glass Beads

Applications Cases:

Removal of burrs and feather edges from tools, equipment, finished product, etc.

Deburring and deflashing molded metal and plastic parts

Removal of burrs from threading equipment and spools

Deburring dies and castings

2, Decorations:

Craft glass beads , glass sands and irregular glass beads can be used in the kitchen counters, exterior walls decoration, courtyards, footpaths, swimming pools, outside wall and inside wall, such as villa-dome, great hall, advanced hotel, international building. Mixing glass beads with the cement, then putting them in the exterior walls.

3, Water Treatment Filter:

Glass beads is stable and clean, it can be used in water treatment.

4, Project Screen Glass Beads: 20-200microns

5, Grinding Media:

Glass beads has good chemical stability,perfect regularity,clean surface,Good fluidity,less consumption,it can be used as grinding material in the fields of chemical materials,paint,dye materials and pigments,foods,medicines and etc..

6, Glass Beads For Plastic Components (Filler)

As filler, glass beads and glass sands are used in the materials of paint,plastic,rubber, electronics and macro-molecule materials.

glass beads are widely used as a technical additive filler in various plastic components for applications such as automotive and domestic appliances, E&E products and other industries in order to improve surface aspect properties (aesthetic, scratch and abrasion resistance, dimensional stability) and its processing (faster extrusion and injection cycle time, less reject rates)

solid glass beads offer a unique combination of specific properties in Thermoplastic applications that are not found in any other filler material. Their shape and chemical composition provide the following properties in engineering plastics such as Nylon, PBT, POM, PP, PC, … :








Epoxy, Phenolic, PU & Melamine

Polyester & Alkyd

Higher abrasion and scratch resistance

Dimensional stability improvement (shrinkage and warpage)

Good thermal conductivity

Surface finish, aesthetic

Faster and more economic processing (ball bearing effect)

High chemical resistance

Food approved

These improvements can be achieved in a range of engineering plastics and are used by formulators to enhance applications in automotive, domestic appliances, electrical parts, aerospace, buildings and other industries.

7 Coating

glass beads are used in paints and coatings improving scratch, abrasion resistance, washability and enhancing the surface aspect properties in topcoats and sealers. Thanks to their shape and ball bearing effect, the glass beads improve the fluidity and the ease of application in various applications (epoxy flooring, polyester coating, SMC/BMC...).

solid glass beads are used alone or combined with other additives in paints and coatings. Solid glass beads appear like a white powder but are in reality perfect spheres of soda lime glass. The glass beads are coated with a coupling agent, providing solid bonding between glass and resin and enhancing dispersion of the beads in the matrix.

Coating Solutions

Wood Protection

Emulsion Building

Industrial Paints & Puties

Thin Layers & Adhesives Sealants

8, Hollow Glass Micro spheres

(For Oil Well Drilling / Coating /Paint)


Hollow glass microsphere is a new type of material which has wide use and an outstanding performance. The product is made mainly from borosilicate, it is a hollow and grain size is 8-130 micron.


(1) Painting, coating, Oil Field Oil Well Drilling

(2) Improve the heat insulation

(3) Improve corrosion resistance

Appearance and physical data

(1) White

(2) Density:0.25gram/CM3

(3) Crush Strength: 750/5 (psi/Mpa)

(4) Melting point: 625 centigrade

(5) Floating Rate: 96%

(6) PH value: 8-9.5

BWHB15 WHITE 15-130 0.15 1.5-2

BWHB20 WHITE 15-120 0.20 3-4

BWHB25 WHITE 12-110 0.25 5-7

BWHB32 WHITE 10-90 0.32 12-15

BWHB40 WHITE 8-85 0.40 28-33

BWHB46 WHITE 8-80 0.46 38-42

BWHB60 WHITE 8-65 0.60 >60

9, Glass Micro-spheres For Teeth

DGB-Glass Spheres For Teeth (According to FDA regulations)

Product Function:

We have Food grade Virgin Glass made glass bead (free of heavy metals, we have the test certificate of approval of

all organizations) has the features of chemical stability, high mechanical intensity and hardness. It can be used in

the teeth and dental application,

Technical references

Appearance: Clean and transparent, no visible bubbles and impurity.

Oil Absorption:18g oil/100g spheres

Bulk Density:95lbs/cu.ft (ASTM D-3101-78)

Hardness: 7 mol

Spherical spheres:>95%

SiO2 content:>70%



Non-toxic and inert

Manufactured from 100% virgin glass


Particle Size in Micron



70-100micron (53-106micron)




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10, Toy sands and Glass Beads

Technical Data Sheet (TDS)

Toy sand Using Glass beads (According to SGS and FDA regulations)

Toy-sand is a new generation kid's toy sand! It is made of non-toxic ,tasteless,clean and environme

ntal glass beads and food-grade bee-wax material. It has good fluidity,no rough soft texture, good

Shaping, not sticky, no fading and other advantages.

Bring the seaside home for your children!


Creative ability ☆☆☆☆☆

Handling ability ☆☆☆☆☆

Coordinate ability ☆☆☆☆

Thinking ability ☆☆☆☆☆

Play with parent and friends ability ☆☆☆☆☆

Expressive ability ☆☆☆☆

8 colors available

Glass Beads Size:


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11, Hourglass/ Sand/ Sandy Clock

Glass beads / Color Glass Grit

Product function

Glass bead / Glass Grit has the features of high flow-ability, chemical stability,

high mechanical intensity and hardness. It can be used in

Technical references

Appearance: Clean and transparent, no visible bubbles and impurity.

Density:2.4-2.6grams / cm3

Hardness: 6-7

SiO2 content:>70%



Non-toxic and inert

Manufactured from 100% post-consumer recycled bottle glass, thus benefits



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