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Coatings, Adhesives, Inks & Pastes


Applications in this area are often required to have a high degree of conductivity at low coat weights while achieving a smooth and uniform surface finish. Pure silver powder and flakes are often used as the conductive filler of choice despite being expensive and prone to unwanted silver migration.

Landscapus Inc has designed several of its particles to help overcome these problematic issues and to provide the market with some ideal alternatives. These particles have been specifically designed with various shapes and silver coating weights to allow the formulator the flexibility needed to achieve desirable smooth coatings, excellent film conductivity, lower density and most importantly, a lower cost. Whether choosing silver coated glass flakes for inks, or spherical particles for bond line control in adhesives, one will find an excellent selection of silver coated particles to meet todays demanding performance and economic requirements.


Highly conductive

Stable performance

Oxidation resistant

Low density

Cost effective

Reproducible quality







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