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Landscapus Inc

Landscapus Inc has been the proven leader of Thermoplastic paint and Glass Beads for road markings for over 10 years. Our products are used worldwide to provide superior retro-reflectivity for highway and airfield pavement markings.
Pavement markings offer significantly greater target value for drivers and pilots. Therefore,the need for brighter pavement
markings is essential to complementing your safety systems. Thus we offer you three kinds of solutions listed below
for your choices:

Normal usage volume for
Thermoplastic Road Marking
Materials (Screed / Extrude)
Thickness Lbs Per Square Meter
1.5mm 12.0lbs
1.8mm 13.5lbs
2.2mm 14.5lbs
3.0mm 22.0lbs
3.3mm 24.0lbs
Road Marking Methods: Spray,
Extrude, Screed. Spraying Road
Marking using volume will be little
less than Screeding and Extrusion

Steps For Using Thermoplastic Road Marking Paint:
1.Materials: Thermoplastic Road Marking Materials (ALKYD Binder, Hydrocarbon Resin), Glass Beads, Base
Paint (Sealer)
2.Heating: Heating the Thermoplastic Road marking materials in the road marking Machine or Preheating container
for melting, the temperate should be kept at 180 to 220 centigrade after melting and stiring for 10 minutes before
marking. Choose the road marking Machines: Extrusion , Spray and Screed according to low viscosity (Spray < 2,
low viscosity <4.5 in BROOKfiled heater) and extrude type (4.5 to 10).
3.Marking And Measurement: Marking the exact place, symbols and sign according to the design then put the base
paint on the sign.
4.After drying of the base paint, do the Thermoplastic road marking and Glass Beads Dropping On by road marking
5. Drying: After 3minutes, the road marking lines will be dry and the cars can pass. For your safety, Please Do not
move the fence untill you complete all work!

Drop On Of Road Marking Glass Beads
High Light Large Beads These beads are made of the virgin glass by direct-melt method with the roundness of
more than 90%,which can give much higher retro-reflectivity in wet night. 500grams/M2

TT-B-1325DType III Type III (1.93) Glass Beads offer superior retro-reflectivity utilizing high index bead
technology resulting in the maximum return of light. 800-1200mcd/m2/Lux, drop on rate 450grams/m2

All Weather Beads All weather beads are Glass Beads Elements which can be used in wet nigh road marking which
can give high Retro-reflective more than 700mcd in white line and 500mcd in yellow line. It can be used by
intermix and drop on (Double drop 400grams/Square meter with normal grade glass beads 300grams/Square meter)

* Proper application, quality materials, proper material usage, calibrated equipment, proper sphere distribution
and embedding are all crucial items for effective pavement markings and their performance.

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Traffic paint and Machines:

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