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Thermoplastic PAINT


Thermoplastic road marking material confirming to AASHTO M249 shall consist of light colored aggregate, pigment and extender, bound together with Aklyd resin plasticized with plantl oil. Glass Beads shall be in accordance with AASHTO M247 – TYPE I. The material shall be provided in granular.

Composition of Constituents




Product No. RRW-A

Product No. RRY-A


18 Min

18 Min

Glass Beads

30 – 40

30 – 40

Titanium Dioxide

10 Min

Organic Yellow

Calcium Carbonate and Inert Filler

42 Max

* Note

Yellow Pigment

As Required

* Note: Amount of yellow pigment calcium carbonate and inert filler shall be the option of the manufacture, providing all other requirements of this specification are met

Physical Characteristics:

Softening Point °C

102 ± 9.5

102 ± 9.5

Specific Gravity gm/cm³

< 2.15

< 2.15

Flowability %

18 Max

21 Max.

Flowability – Extender Heating

28 Max

28 Max.

Drying Time

3 – 5 min @ 32ºC

3 – 5 min @ 32ºC

Yellow Index

Below 0.12

Cracking Resistance

No Cracks

No Cracks

Impact Resistance (Joules)

≥ 1.13

≥ 1.13

Color Daylight Reflectance

75% min.

45% min.

Grading of Glass Beads (Intermix) AASHTO M247

Storage Life: One year when the material is properly stored under a covered area.

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