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Landscapus Inc

Industrial Glass Beads

1, Glass Beads and Glass Grits for Blasting, Peening, Finishing and Deburring.

2, Color Irregular Glass Beads For Decoration and Fire glass

3, Water Treatment Glass Beads

4, Project Screen Glass Beads: 20-200microns

5, Grinding Glass Beads

6, Glass Beads For Plastic (Filler)

7, Coating

8, Hollow Glass Beads For Paint, Drilling, Thermal Insulation

9, Teeth Industry

10, Toy Sands

11, Hourglass

12,Other Industrial Application

Road Marking Glass Beads

Thermoplastic, Water Borne Traffic Paint, 2-MMA, Solvent base traffic paint

Adhesives Application

Landscapus Inc offers a wide range of specified glass micro spheres, specifically designed for controlling and defining bond line thickness in adhesives.

In general, 90% of the product fits within a very tight gradation specified (Product Specs Line). These products meet the requirements of Raytheon Spec HMS20-1776D and Hughes Spec SCGMS-53004.

Other grades of SPHERIGLASS provide performance benefits:

Higher solids formulas

Reduced VOC

Minimum viscosity rise-high flow

Reduced coefficient of thermal expansion

Spacer Application Glass micro spheres

Composition: Soda-lime glass

Appearance: Colorless Sphere

Specific gravity: 2.5

Refractive Index: 1.51

Softening Point: 704°C

Recommended Products

Hollow Glass Beads

Solid Glass micro spheres

Agricultural Products

This grade of Glass Spheres are used for grinding, dispersing, and deagglomerating a variety of agricultural products, because they are chemically-inert and will not introduce ferrous or other metal residues into the food products. And, since they are non-absorbent and impervious to water, they will not introduce or hold moisture that could cause mildewing or mold during processing. Available in a selection of controlled sizes, A-Series Technical Quality Glass Spheres can be used for grinding and deagglomerating a variety of substances, from hard to soft. Because the A-Series Technical Quality Glass Spheres are solid glass, they offer superior toughness and crush-strength, and withstand multiple impacts in recycling systems. The solid-glass particles lend themselves to efficient and effective cleaning between runs.

Recommended Products

Solid Glass Spheres

Performance Benefits

For industrial grinding, dispersing and deagglomerating.

Economical, multi-use media for grinding other particulate materials

Effectively deagglomerates, for improved particle dispersion within resin, solvent or other suspensions

Chemically-inert media ideal for delaminating minerals from lode-bearing rock

No ferrous or other residues to contaminate plate-metal surfaces

Automotive & Marine Putty

It reduces the amount of resin required, reducing manufacturing costs. These hollow spheres are non-absorbent, permitting higher filler content. It cures and is ready for sanding as soon as conventional putty,  but with this hollow micro spheres, the putty stays workable longer...even overnight.
Hollow micro spheres are easier for sandpaper to cut through, sanding operations go faster, with much less clogging of the sandpaper. In fact, sandpaper consumption can be cut by as much as 80% when putties formulated with them are used for major cost savings.
Lightweight PVC Plastisols have become the material of choice for automotive underbody coatings.
Hollow Inorganic micro spheres

Performance Benefits

A low-density, performance-enhancing additive.

Fewer defects: excellent mold flow, uniform dispersion

Reduced compound density and viscosity

Increased acoustic and thermal insulation

Reduced cost and better handling in flexible compounds

More uniform, closed-cell structure in syntactic compounds

Cost reduction from sandpaper and labor savings for putties.

Coatings, Adhesives, Inks & Pastes

Applications in this area are often required to have a high degree of conductivity at low coat weights while achieving a smooth and uniform surface finish. Pure silver powder and flakes are often used as the conductive filler of choice despite being expensive and prone to unwanted silver migration.

Landscapus Inc has designed several of its particles to help overcome these problematic issues and to provide the market with some ideal alternatives. These particles have been specifically designed with various shapes and silver coating weights to allow the formulator the flexibility needed to achieve desirable smooth coatings, excellent film conductivity, lower density and most importantly, a lower cost. Whether choosing silver coated glass flakes for inks, or spherical particles for bond line control in adhesives, one will find an excellent selection of silver coated particles to meet todays demanding performance and economic requirements.


Highly conductive

Stable performance

Oxidation resistant

Low density

Cost effective

Reproducible quality


Hollow glass micro spheres products offer formulators flexibility in polymer composites. The addition of hollow spheres to fiberglass reinforced plastics (FRP), epoxy, compounds, and urethane castings can provide weight reduction cost savings and improved impact resistance. Insulating features of hollow spheres also work to the chemists advantage in thermal shock and heat transfer areas.

 A range of products with densities from .14 to 1.1 g/cc provides choices to best fit mixing and target weight requirements.

 Hollow micro spheres give outstanding performance in syntactic corded laminates

Improved impact resistance

Reduced cost vs. solid laminates

Excellent inter-laminar shear resistance

Easy processing

Acoustic and thermal insulation

Construction Materials

Hollow micro spheres create a low-density more uniform, closed-cell structure alternatives for construction composite materials. This provides for increased acoustic insulation properties at lower overall weight. In flexible compounds, the addition of this material offers improved handling at reduced cost. For cast parts, laminates, sealants and adhesives , micro spheres give the range of strengths needed for optimnum performance.

Customers can achieve class A flame rating without adding weight. Hollow glass micro spheres are ideal for use in systems requiring lowered density and improved filling characteristics. On a volume basis, hollow spheres offer the lowest surface area of any functional filler allowing formulators, in many cases, to reduce their overall cost.

Uses in the construction market include EIFS applications, insulative roof coatings, mastics and grouting materials.

Recommended Products

Hollow Glass Micro spheres


Cement Additives

Flooring, Grouts and Caulk


The cosmetics and beauty-aid industry relies on Quality Glass Spheres for grinding and milling, because they are engineered to precisely reduce the particle size of other ingredients such as pigments and minerals. Made of solid glass, they are manufactured to discrete size tolerances and uniform geometries for highly-consistent results in grinding and mixing, as well as deagglomerating and dispersion processes.

Since they are colorless and chemically-inert, they will not cause a color shift nor create any chemical reaction in the cosmetic formulation, as other non-glass media can. And, they are compatible with a wide variety of suspensions, whether water-based, oil-based or solvent-based.

Recommended Products

Solid Glass Spheres

Custom Particle Technology Solutions

custom substrate-and-coating combinations can be developed around your engineering design requirements.


Highly conductive

Stable performance

Oxidation resistant

Low density

Cost effective

Reproducible quality

Electronics Assembly

Glass beads product line is ideally suited to electronic assemblies requiring high conductivity in combination with other performance attributes, such as galvanic compatibility, corrosion resistance, heat transfer or dissipation or EMI shielding, including Mil-Spec shielding requirements. An excellent replacement for silver and nickel, it particles reduce cost and weight without compromising performance .


This product line includes a variety of products engineered for use in gasket manufacture. Specifically, silver coated glass spheres offer an excellent choice for this application as they are approved for Military use and provide a chemically inert and heat age stable product for demanding specifications. The particle size distribution has also been carefully controlled to provide a balance of optimum particle packing and process benefits. Especially critical to gasket performances is the correct balance between conductivity , process ability, compression set, and environmental aging stability.


Solid Glass micro spheres are a critical component in air-fluidized support systems for treatment of burns, grafts and wounds. Using the principle of small-particle fluidization, these systems achieve all the properties of a fluid in a completely dry medium, which enhances patient healing in multiple ways.Use of glass beads increases the density of the artificial fluid, which provides more stable support, while producing less pressure on wound sites.

Performance Benefits. For use in air-fluidized support systems treating burns, grafts and pressure sores.

Air-fluidization technology uses micro spheres to achieves fluid properties in a completely dry medium

micro spheres increase density of artificial fluid, for more stable support with less pressure on patient wounds

Particulate filtering effect reduces airborne contamination while trapping body fluids for removal

Emulsion Explosive Sensitizers

hollow micro spheres are unsurpassed as sensitizers for water based industrial explosives used in mining, quarrying and construction. The tiny spheres function as encapsulated air within the explosives matrix and are an integral part of the system. During the initiation by a primer, the spheres become hot spots, concentrating energy to generate extreme temperatures and decompose the surrounding explosives mixture. Reliable and efficient release of energy is apparent from consistent velocity of detonation and controlled fragmentation of the rock.

hollow spheres are more economical and reliable as sensitizers compared to alternative materials such as organic nitro and nitrate compounds, and they withstand pumping pressures and shock desensitization better than other inorganic materials due to the high strength spherical shell.  Please contact for more details.

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