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Hollow micro spheres create a low-density more uniform, closed-cell structure alternatives for construction composite materials. This provides for increased acoustic insulation properties at lower overall weight. In flexible compounds, the addition of this material offers improved handling at reduced cost. For cast parts, laminates, sealants and adhesives , micro spheres give the range of strengths needed for optimnum performance.

Customers can achieve class A flame rating without adding weight. Hollow glass micro spheres are ideal for use in systems requiring lowered density and improved filling characteristics. On a volume basis, hollow spheres offer the lowest surface area of any functional filler allowing formulators, in many cases, to reduce their overall cost.

Uses in the construction market include EIFS applications, insulative roof coatings, mastics and grouting materials.

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Hollow Glass Micro spheres


Cement Additives

Flooring, Grouts and Caulk

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