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Our branch Landscapus (TANGSHAN) Glass Beads Factory, one of the largest Glass Beads manufacturers in the world, has 45500 square meters of production workplace and warehouse, it can produce 120,000mts of traffic safety Glass Beads and industry Glass Beads and 200,000mts of glass grit. Traffic safety Glass Beads can be used in road marking by intermix, premix and dropping on methods. Industry Glass Beads and Glass grit can be used in glassware production, sandblasting, surface finishing, deburring, blasting, shot peening, filler, decoration, fire glass, water treatment and etc. We have the service and customers in 60 countries all over the world.

Besides of the reflective glass beads, We provide total solutions for road marking materials and products including EN1871, BS3262, AASHTO M249. We can combine the raw materials together in one shipment for our Thermoplastic and road marking contracting customers.

Our roadway safety products factory,Landscapus (Tianjin) Traffic Safety Factory produces all kinds of roadway safety products such as Pavement Marker Tabs, ceramic road studs, glass road studs, aluminum road studs, plastic road studs, solar road studs, traffic lights,road speed humps, road traffic cones, delineating post, traffic signs, road marking Machines, road marking paint and etc. Our products have been approved by US and EU markets and organizations.

Landscapus Inc has been the proven leader of glass beads for road markings for over 10 years. Our products are used worldwide to provide superior retro-reflectivity for highway and airfield pavement markings.

Pavement markings offer significantly greater target value for drivers and pilots. Therefore, the need for brighter pavement markings is essential to complementing your safety systems. Thus we offer you three kinds of solutions listed below for your choices:

For normal usage for Roadway and airport safety markings beads, 1.5 index glass beads /1.6 index glass beads to the standards:

AASHTO M247 Type 1, 2,3,4,5

BS 6088 Class A/ Class B

EN 1423 Drop on Glass Beads

EN 1424 Intermix Glass Beads


TT-B-1325D Type 1 Grade A/B

TT-B-1325D Type 4

TT-B-1325D Type 3

* TT-B-1325D Type 3, it is 1.93 Index Airport runway beads– provides both drivers and pilots a brighter view of the pavement ahead.

For the highest level of night time roadway safety in rain, fog, or melting snow, you can rely on:

1.6 index glass beads,1.93 index glass beads,2.2 index glass beads

High-light large size beads, All weather beads (Wet Night Beads), TT-B-1325D Type 3

For High Friction Solution, you can reply on:

Color Glass Beads / Color Glass Grit, Anti-skid aggregate and glass beads, Ceramic Granular

Visibility by day as well as during the night in various weather conditions, anti-skid performance, wear resistance and durability are essential characteristics of good road markings. Landscapus produces glass beads for all kinds of road marking products such as solvent based- and waterborne paints, Thermoplastics and 2 component systems.

Thermoplastic Paint: Spray, Extrusion, Preformed

Paints: Solvent Based Paints ECO (SBP ECO), Water Born Paints (WBP), Solvent Based Paints Aromatic Solvent (SBP), Epoxy

Two Components:Spray, Extrusion, Preformed

* Proper application, quality materials, proper material usage, calibrated equipment, proper sphere distribution and embedding are all crucial items for effective pavement markings and their performance.

High Light Large Beads These beads are made of the virgin glass by direct-melt method with the roundness of more than 90%,which can give much higher retro-reflectivity in wet night. 500grams/M2

TT-B-1325DType III Type III (1.93) glass beads offer superior retro-reflectivity utilizing high index bead technology resulting in the maximum return of light. 800-1200mcd/m2/Lux, drop on rate 450grams/m2

All Weather Beads All weather beads are glass beads Elements which can be used in wet nigh road marking which can give  high Retro-reflective more than 700mcd in white line and 500mcd in yellow line. It can be used by intermix and drop on (Double drop 400grams/Square meter with normal grade glass beads 300grams/Square meter)

Solutions For All Pavement Markings

Normal Road Marking

1.5 Index  glass beads: As the above diagram indicates, low index glass beads provide a wide return of light. At 200 feet, the spread of light is greater than 60 feet from the light source.Application rate for drop on: More than 500grams per square meter pavement marking.

Highway & Airport Marking

High Index glass beads produce the optimal return of light. At 200 feet, the return of light is focused less than 5 feet from the source. The result, beads producing almost 7 times the brightness.Application rate for drop on: More than 180grams per square meter pavement marking.

Wet Night Beads

Normal grade glass beads like 1.5 index works well and it has good reflective result in the nigh time without raining. But in Wet Raining Night, it will be dark...You can reply on high light large size beads, all weather beads, high index beads (1.6index with 90% roundness, 1.93 index TT-B-1325D Type 3) and blending beads...

Airport Marking

Airport pavement markings on runways, taxiways and ramps play an important role in preventing often serious accidents and incursions by guiding airport traffic safely between the air, runways, and parking gates.
TTB-1325C Type I (Gradation A) Drop on rate:700grams/m2
1.5 Index glass beads for drop-on applications.

TTB-1325C Type III,1.9 Index glass beads for drop-on applications. Drop on rate: 450grams/m2

Type IV (Gradation A & B): Drop on Rate:800grams/m2

Premium quality, large 1.5 Index glass beads for drop-on application. higher percentage roundness (+85%)

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