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Bright Combined Glass Beads

Product Item: Bright Combined Glass Beads
Category: 1.5 Index Glass Beads
Views: 1860
Product Manual:High Retroreflective Virgin Glass Beads,Bright Combined Glass Beads,Bright Glass Beads,Bright Road Marking Glass Beads


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Bright Combined Glass Beads


We can combine different kinds of small & large sizes Glass Beads perfectly. This kind of Glass Beads can get very good reflective result (More than 500mcd)in wet-night.


Code No. LSKB-GB-BC 


A Outer clean and transparent, without visible bubble and impurity.

B Specific density: 2.50g/cm3

C Index of refraction: Nd.=1.52

D Content of Sio2:  72%

E Spherical beads:  >90%

F Coating Materials: as per customer's request.

E Particle Size: 710-1700micron, 1000micron retained 12%



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