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Color Glass (3)

Product Item: Color glass bead /Glass Grit/Cullet/Fire glass
Category: Fire Glass & Color Glass
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Product Manual:Fireglass,fire pit glass, Color Glass Beads,Glass beads, 1.5 Index Glass Beads, BS6088 Class A, BS6088 Class B, AASHO M247 Beads, EN1423/1424 glass beads,Color glass bead /Glass Grit/Cullet/Fire glass

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Color glass bead
/Glass Grit/Cullet/Fire glass is a new kind of material for deluxe decoration. This Kind of beads are made of glass powder in different colors. It is used in the kitchen counter-tops, Terrazzo, Landscaping, aquariums, fire pits, exterior walls decoration, courtyards, footpaths and swimming pools.It will be dazzling and resplendent when the sunlight or lamplight is shining on it. We have more than 30 kinds of colors.



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