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Anti-Skiding Aggregates

Product Item: Anti-Skiding Ceramic Granulars and aggregates
Category: High Friction Materials
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Product Manual:Anti-Skiding Ceramic Granulars and aggregates, Color glass bead /Glass Grit/Cullet/Fire glass is a new kind of material for deluxe decoration. This Kind of beads are made of glass powder in different

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Ceramic Granular For Anti-skid Marking

Color ceramic granular is a new environment friendly material which is made from kaolin, feldspar, quartz and clay and can be used widely in anti-slid road marking, anti-friction, anti-correctives materials, Garden Decoration,Wall Decoration and etc..


(1) Road Marking Material

(2) Garden, Park, Path

(3) Wall Decoration

Appearance and physical data

(1) All Colors Available

(2) Density:2.25-2.45gram/CM3

(3) Water Absorption: <3%

(4) Mohs Hardness >6


1mm to 2mm, 2mm to 4mm, 4mm to 6mm (We can produce according to your request)

Application Steps:

(1) Removing dusts and pollution

(2) Checking the area to be maintained

(3) Bottom Paint (Cement base only, other base like bitumen base-no)

(4) Resin Spray

(5) Putting the ceramic granular on the resins sprayed on the road.

(6) Collection the unused granular

(7) Beautify the surface of the road.



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