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Thermoplastic Road Marking Material

Category: BS 3262 Thermoplastic Road Marking Paint
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Product Manual:AASHTO M249 Thermoplastic Road Marking Paint,EN1871 Thermoplastic road marking paint,BS3262 Thermoplastic Road Marking Paint,ABNT NBR13132/13159 Thermoplastic Road Marking Paint,Thermoplastic Road Mar

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C5 Hydrocarbon Resin based-Thermoplastic Road Marking Material

Confirming to AASHTO M249, BS 3262, EN 1871, JIS, AS/NZ 2009, it shall consist of light colored aggregate, pigment and extender, bound together with Hydrocarbon Resin with mineral oil/ ALKYD resin plasticized with plant oil.

AASHTO M249 standard Thermoplastic intermixing Glass Beads shall be in accordance with AASHTO M247 – TYPE I, BS 3262 Thermoplastic intermixing with BS6088 A Glass Beads, EN 1871 Thermoplastic intermixing with EN1424 Glass Beads, JIS intermixing with JIS 3301 Glass Beads, AS/NZ 2009 Thermoplastic intermixing with AS/NZ 2009 Glass Beads.

AKLYD Resin Products and Numbers:

White (RRW-A), Yellow(RRY-A), Red(RRR-A), Green(RRG-A), Black(RRB-A)

Hydrocarbon Resin Products and Numbers:

White (RRW-HR), Yellow(RRY-HR), Red(RRR-HR), Green(RRG-HR), Black(RRB-HR)





18 Min

18 Min

Glass Beads

According To standards

According To standards

Titanium Dioxide

10 Min

Organic Yellow

Calcium Carbonate and Inert Filler



Yellow Pigment

As Required

Physical Characteristics:

Softening Point °C

102 ± 9.5

102 ± 9.5

Specific Gravity gm/cm³

< 2.15

< 2.15

Flowability %

18 Max

21 Max.

Flowability – Extender Heating

28 Max

28 Max.

Drying Time

3 – 5 min @ 32ºC

3 – 5 min @ 32ºC

Yellow Index

Below 0.12

Cracking Resistance

No Cracks

No Cracks

Impact Resistance (Joules)

≥ 1.13

≥ 1.13

Color Daylight Reflectance

75% min.

45% min.



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