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Pavement Marking Tapes

Product Item: Pavement Marking Tapes
Category: Thermoplastic road marking Tape rolls
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Product Manual:Thermoplastic road marking Tape rolls, Thermoplastic road marking paint, Hot-Melt Road Marking Paint, Hot-Applied Thermoplastic Road Marking Paint, Thermoplastic Road Marking Material, AASHTO M249 The


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Road Marking Tape

A durable, retro-reflective pavement marking material suitable for use as a roadway or intersection marking. The markings will be a resilient white or yellow Thermoplastic product with uniformly distributed Glass Beads throughout the entire cross sectional area.  Lines, legends, and symbols shall be capable of being affixed to bituminous and/or Portland concrete pavements by the use of the normal heat of a propane type torch. The markings must be able to be applied without any special storage, preheating, or treatment of the material before application. The material must be resistant to deterioration due to exposure to sunlight, water, oil, gasoline, salt, or adverse weather conditions.

The markings will be composed of a homogenous mixture of resin, aggregates, pigments, binders, and Glass Beads which have been factory produced as a finished product designed to meet the requirements of the current edition of the Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices.  The Thermoplastic material shall conform to AASHTO designation M249-09 with the exception of the relevant differences due to the material being supplied in a preformed state.

The material must contain a minimum of thirty percent (30%) graded Glass Beads by weight.  The beads shall conform to AASHTO M247-05 Type 1, except that the gradation shall require 80% true spheres overall.

Sufficient titanium dioxide pigment shall be used to ensure a color similar to Federal Highway White, Color No. 17886, as per Federal Standard 595.  Sufficient yellow pigment shall be used to ensure a color similar to Federal Highway Yellow, Color No. 13655, as per Federal Standard 595.  The yellow pigment must be of organic origin only.

The surface must provide a minimum resistance value of 45 BPN when tested according to ASTM: E 303.

Application to Asphalt: The materials shall be applied using the propane torch method recommended by the manufacturer.  The pavement shall be clean, dry, and free of debris.  Supplier must enclose application instructions with each box/package.

Application to Concrete: The application procedure shall be the same as for asphalt; however, a compatible primer sealer may be applied to assure proper adhesion.

Material Packaging: The performed Thermoplastic markings shall be placed in sturdy non-returnable cartons to prevent damage in transit.  Linear material may be supplied on rolls or in cut pieces (3' long or greater).  Legends and symbols must be supplied in flat pieces.

Pavement Marking Tapes



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