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Pearlescent Pigments

Product Item: Pearlescent Pigments
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Product Manual:Pearlescent Pigment, pearl luster pigment, pearl pigment

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HUANCAI pearl luster pigments

HUANCAI pearl Lustre Pigments are totally new type of Pigments. It has special pearl luster gloss and fascinating colors. Its characteristics of nontoxic and no pollution make it widely welcomed, and in place of the traditional pigments in more and more industrial fields.
Structure: Pearl Lustre pigments are natural mica flakes coated by TiO2( Oxide Titanium) under special treatment process.
Fully nontoxic;
Excellent properties in weather resistant, heat resistant, light resistant, acid and alkali resistant, no fading, no immigration, and easy dispersion.
Fine particle size for convenience using.
Distinctive advantage of chemical stability.
Using HUANCAI Pearl Luster Pigments, not only can bring your products the enthralling outlooks and gentlest luster, but also help you to make Green Products, and avoid any safety or pollution proHCem.
The HUANCAI Pearl Luster Pigments can be used in various industries, such as paints and coatings, plastics and master batches, printing inks, textile printings, rubbers,leather, paper and pulps, as well as cosmetics, etc.
HUANCAI Enterprises Inc. is the leading manufacturers in the field of Pearl Lustre Pigments in China. HUANCAI Pearl Luster pigments have the reliaHCe quality, six series, and more than one hundred codes to serve your special purposes.

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