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Oil Well Drilling Hollow Glass Beads

Product Item: Oil Well Drilling Hollow Glass Beads
Category: Oil well Drilling Hollow Glass Beads
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Product Manual:Oil well Drilling Hollow Glass Beads, glass beads, hollow glass microspheres, hollow glass beads,Hollow Glass Micro spheres, Hollow Glass Microspheres for plastics, elastomers, and adhesives compounds

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Hollow glass microsphere is a new type of material which has wide use and an
outstanding performance. The product is made mainly from borosilicate, it is a
hollow and grain size is 8-130 micron.
(1) Painting, coating, Oil Field Oil Well Drilling
(2) Improve the heat insulation
(3) Improve corrosion resistance
Appearance and physical data
(1) White
(2) Density:0.25gram/CM3
(3) Crush Strength: 750/5 (psi/Mpa)
(4) Melting point: 625 centigrade
(5) Floating Rate: 96%
(6) PH value: 8-9.5
Grade Color
Particle size
BWHB15 WHITE 15-130 0.15 1.5-2
BWHB20 WHITE 15-120 0.20 3-4
BWHB25 WHITE 12-110 0.25 5-7
BWHB32 WHITE 10-90 0.32 12-15
BWHB40 WHITE 8-85 0.40 28-33
BWHB46 WHITE 8-80 0.46 38-42
BWHB60 WHITE 8-65  0.60 >60

Hollow Glass Micro spheres (For Oil Well Drilling / Coating /Paint),Hollow Glass Beads,Glass Beads



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