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NBR6831 Glass Beads

    Product Item: NBR6831 Glass Beads
    Category: NBR6831 Road Marking Glass Beads
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    Product Manual:NBR6831 Glass Beads,AASHTO M247-Glass Beads-Drop On Glass Beads,BS 6088 Class A Drop On Glass Beads,1.5 Index Glass Beads, BS6088 Class A, BS6088 Class B, AASHO M247 Beads, EN1423/1424 glass beads, NB

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    Name of commodity:

    Glass Bead For Road Marking


    Landscapus Inc


    Technical details:

    A Outer clean and transparent, without visible bubble and impurity.

    B Specific density: 2.50g/cm3

    C Index of refraction: Nd.1.5

    D Content of Sio2:  72%

    E Spherical beads:  >80%


    Reflective Glass Beads, these beads are especially made for use in road marking paints and Thermoplastics to provide excellent night retro-reflective.



    BS 6088-1981 Class A / BS 6088-1981 Class B (British Standard)

    EN 1423-2012/ EN 1424-2012 (European Nations)

    AASHTO Type I / AAHSTO Type II / AASHTO Type 3 / AASHTO Type 4 / AASHTO Type 5

    MOT Intermix / MOT Drop On (Ministry Of Traffic Of Saudi-Arabia)

    KSL 2521 Standard (Korean Standard) /JIS R3301 / CNS4342 /

    French Standard (NF standard)

    AS/NZS 2007 (Australia Standard/ New-Zealand Standard)

    Canada Standard
    TT-B-1325D Type 1, Type 3, Type 4

    Colombia Standard

    NBR 6831...


    N.W.:   25kgs/PP WOVEN BAG, 25kgs/PAPER BAG, 250Kgs/Drum, 1000Kgs/Tote

    1000-1200KGS/Jumbo BAG




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