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Microesferas de vidrio

Product Item: Microesferas de vidrio
Category: Microesferas de Vidro para Sinalização Viária Horizontal
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Product Manual:ABNT NBR6831 Microesferas de vidro,ABNT NBR6831 Glass Beads,Microesferas de vidrio, Pintura Termoplástica,Microesferas de Vidro para Sinalização Viária Horizontal, Microesferas retro refletivas. ABNT

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Name of commodity:

Glass Bead For Road Marking


Landscapus Inc


Technical details:

A Outer clean and transparent, without visible bubble and impurity.

B Specific density: 2.50g/cm3

C Index of refraction: Nd.=1.52

D Content of Sio2:  72%

E Spherical beads:  >80%


Reflective Glass Beads, these beads are especially made for use in road marking paints and Thermoplastics to provide excellent night retro-reflective.



BS 6088-1981 Class A / BS 6088-1981 Class B (British Standard)

EN 1423-2012/ EN 1424-2012 (European Nations)

AASHTO Type I / AAHSTO Type II / AASHTO Type 3 / AASHTO Type 4 / AASHTO Type 5

MOT Intermix / MOT Drop On (Ministry Of Traffic Of Saudi-Arabia)

KSL 2521 Standard (Korean Standard) /JIS R3301 / CNS4342 /

French Standard (NF standard)

AS/NZS 2007 (Australia Standard/ New-Zealand Standard)

Canada Standard
TT-B-1325D Type 1, Type 3, Type 4

Colombia Standard

NBR 6831...


N.W.:   25kgs/PP WOVEN BAG, 25kgs/PAPER BAG, 250Kgs/Drum, 1000Kgs/Tote

1000-1200KGS/Jumbo BAG

ABNT NBR6831 Glass Beads,ABNT NBR6831 Microesferas De Vidro,Microesferas de vidrio,.ABNT NBR6831 Microesferas de vidro, Pintura Termoplástica,Microesferas de vidrIo
Microesferas de Vidro para Sinalização Viária Horizontal, Microesferas retro refletivas. ABNT NBR 16184: Esta Norma especifica os requisitos e métodos de ensaio para as esferas e microesferas de vidro usadas em material para sinalização



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