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Grinding Glass Beads

Product Item: Grinding Glass Beads
Category: Grinding Glass Beads
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Product Manual:Hollow Glass Micro spheres (For Oil Well Drilling / Coating /Paint),Hollow Glass Beads,Glass beads for projection screen,Water Treatment Glass Beads,Sandblasting Glass Beads, Airport Marking Glass Bea

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Glass Beads For Grinding
Glass Beads has good chemical stability,perfect regularity,clean
surface,Good fluidity,less consumption,it can be used as grinding
material in the fields of chemical materials,paint,dye materials and
pigments,foods,medicines and etc..
(1) Chemical Materials Grinding
(2) Paint, Dye, Pigments Grinding
(3) Foods, Medicines...
Appearance and physical data
(1) Transparent
(2) Density:2.5gram/CM3
(3) Micro-rigidity≥680kg/mm2
(4) Melting point: 625 centigrade
(5) Roundness Rate: 95%
0.2mm to 5mm  (We can produce according to your request)



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