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Glass beads for projection screen

Product Item: Glass beads for projection screen
Category: Glass beads for projection screen
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Product Manual:Glass beads for projection screen,Water Treatment Glass Beads,Sandblasting Glass Beads, Airport Marking Glass Beads,1.5 Index Glass Beads, BS6088 Class A, BS6088 Class B, AASHO M247 Beads, EN1423/1424

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Glass Beads for Projection Screen
Product function
Glass bead has the features of high refractive, chemical stability, high
mechanical intensity and hardness. It can be used in projection screen to
improve the retro reflective to get the best watching result.
Technical references
Appearance: Clean and transparent, no visible bubbles and impurity.
Density:2.4-2.6grams / cm3
Hardness: 6-7
Spherical beads:>95%
SiO2 content:>70%
High Refractive Index 1.6
High Roundness 95%
Code: LSAD, Size range: 100-200 micron
Code: LSAF, Size range: 70-150 micron
Code: LSAG, Size range: 50-100 micron
Code: LSAH, Size range: 40-70 micron
Code: LSAQ, Size range: 1-50 micron
Code: LSAS, Size range: 20-40 micron 



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