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Ceramic Round Road Markers

Product Item: Ceramic Round Road Markers
Category: Ceramic Road Markers
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Product Manual:Road markers, Chip Seal Markers, Road markers, road studs, raised pavement temporay markers,All Weather Glass Beads,1.5 Index Glass Beads, BS6088 Class A, BS6088 Class B, AASHO M247 Beads, EN1423/1424

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Overall Dimensions                     

10cm x 10cm x 18cm (4 in x 4 in x 0.75 in)

Slope of Reflecting Face :32 degrees to base

Area of Each Reflective Area                      

21 .0 square centimeters (3.25 square inches)

Overall Dimensions                   

12cm x 8.0 cm x 1.8 cm

Slope of Reflecting Face :32 degrees to base

Area of Each Reflective Area                      

14.5square centimeters (2.25 square inches)

4" Non-reflective Plastic Pavement Markers conform to the following:

Plastic non-reflective pavement markers shall be, at the option of the

Contractor, either polypropylene or 


Ceramic non‐reflective pavement markers Type White and Yellow 

shall consist of a heat‐fired, vitreous, ceramic

base and a heat‐fired, opaque, glazed surface to produce the properties required in these specifications.

The markers shall be produced from any suitable combination of intimately mixed clay, shale, talc,flints, feldspar or other inorganic material which will meet the properties herein required. The markers shall be thoroughly and evenly matured and free from defects which affect appearance or serviceability



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