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Landscapus 240 Elements

Product Item: Landscapus 240 All Weather Elements
Category: All Weather Beads
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Product Manual:All Weather Glass Beads, Wet Night Glass Beads, Striping glass beads, striping thermoplastic, pavement marking paint, pavement marking glass beads, Road marking glass beads, All weather elements beads

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All Weather High Reflective Glass Bead

(Special Glass Beads For Raining Night Road Marking)

Normal grade Glass Beads like 1.5 index works well and it has good reflective result in the nigh time without raining. But in Wet Raining Night, it will be dark...

Landscapus Inc has a solution for this...

Landscapus 240 Elements

Landscapus 240 Elements is All Weather grade glass beads for drop on using in Thermoplastic (hot meltpaint, two-component paint, solvent road marking paint and water borne road marking paint.

Technical details:

A Refractive Index >1.90

B Retroreflectivity Value: 950mcd/Sq M/Lx

C Spherical beads: >95%

D Wet Night Ceramic Glass Beads

E Sizes: 500-1500micron

E Packing: 25kgs/bag or Drum.



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