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Cold Plastic Two-component Road Marking Paint Spray

Product Item: MMA cold plastic Road Marking Paint, 2-component r
Category: MMA Cold Plastic Road Marking Paint-Spray
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Product Manual:MMA cold plastic Road Marking Paint, 2-component road marking paint,MMA cold plastic traffic Marking Paint, 2-component traffic marking paint, cold plastic road marking paint, MMA cold plastic pavemen

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Cold Plastic Spraying Two-component Marking Paint
Standard EN1436:2007
Binder Active Acrylic Resin
Specific Gravity 1.95kg/L
Volume Solid 98%
Weight Solid 88%
Volatile Organic Compound Non
Theoretical Spreading Rate 0.6-0.8 kg/㎡ (wet film thickness 600μm)
Dry speed ﹤15 minutes (23℃)
Hardener Powder / Liquid
Color White, Yellow
Storage Dry, cool, binder and hardener should be stored separately
Expiration One year



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