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Landscapus Inc


Landscapus Inc


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Add: No.3-123, Xuhui Block 26, Shunyi, Beijing, China

Our Group Companies:

Landscapus Inc

Bright Inc

Landscapus (Tangshan) Glass Beads Factory

Landscapus (Tianjin) Thermoplastic Paint Factory

Landscapus North America Branch-Brightlands Limited

Big World INT'L Group Limited

Road Marking Thermoplastic paints, Pavement Road Marking Glass Beads, Glass Beads For Road Marking paints,striping glass beads, Road Marking Glass Microspheres, Sandblasting Glass Beads, Esferas de vidro para polimento, Reflective Road Markers, Chip Seal Markers,Temporary Raised Pavement Markers(TRPMs), All Weather Beads (elements),Road Marking Machines,ALKYD Thermoplastic road marking Paint, Road Marking materials and Raw Materials AASHTO M247 Glass Beads, AASHTO M249 Thermoplastic paints, BS6088 Glass Beads, BS 3262 Thermoplastic paints, EN 1423/1424 glass beads, EN 1871 Thermoplastic paints, ABNT NBR6831 Glass Beads, NBR6831 Microesferas De Vidro, Termoplástico ABNT NBR 13159, Termoplástico ABNT NBR 13132,Pintura Termoplástica,Microesferas De Vidrio, TACHÃO E TACHÕES Refletivos, perles de verre,billes de verre,microbilles de verre


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